How to determine, whether your campaign will be profitable?

Starting your Adwords campaign is not always profitable. There may be some factors, which define this. So, in order to avoid the expenses on such a campaign, it would be much smarter to analyze your product, to predict your advertising costs and to make the following conclusions. Here are the factors you should pay attention to.

1.Your cost per click

In PPC advertising a price per each click matters. It shows the amount of money that will be paid by you for each visitor, brought to your website. Having this value, you should move to another number.

2.Conversion rate

This value indicates the number of visitors, who have converted into some result. If you are selling the products, it shows the number of sales, compared to the general number of visitors Usually the conversion rate is good when it’s equal to 0.3-0.7%. So don’t count on each second purchase.

3.Your profit

Cost per click and the conversion rate show you the amount of money you will lose. Knowing the number of sales (or any other action), you can now count your profits. It allows you to determine, whether your advertising campaign has sense or not.

And remember, that all of the numbers you have are dynamic. If your advertising campaign is profitable today, there are no guarantees, that it will remain be the same tomorrow. So go on analysing and comparing the data further, in order to stay profitable.

Is Adwords Good for Your Product?

Some professional online marketers claim, that not all of the products can be advertised via Google Adwords. This can be a good explanation for your previous failed campaigns, doesn’t it? As a practice shows, it’s not an irony – some of the products really perform on the other advertising platforms better. Let’s talk about this more in today’s article.

First of all, we should define the main specification of the Adwords advertising. Right, it’s a contextual one, which is presented with the text links or a banner. You can choose either showing your ads on in Google search results, or on some partner’s websites, depending on what is the type of product you promote. So, it seems universal, right? You have a choice of how to display your product. But testing of different ad formats can still result in a failure. So what’s the reason?

Did you notice, that some entertaining content, which may be viral on the social media, is not presented in Adwords? What does it mean?

If there is a social media-oriented kind of materials, which is not promoted on Adwords, it should also probably be some other similar category of products.

Think about it well. Does your customer searches for the services you offer on Google? Or is it better to try some other advertising platforms? Maybe, it’s not your mistake – it’s just the specifics of your product. In this case the best solution you can use is moving to another advertising format and testing again.

Correct campaign organisation is a key to your Adwords success

If you’ve already experienced working with Adwords, you should have noticed the tools, allowing to organise your campaign as you like. They include different campaings, ad groups, keyword match types. These tools may be used for increasing the number of your sells, if a person, who runs the campaign, is familiar with them. Otherwise, he or she just misses these solutions and looses an opportunity to gain revenues.

What are these tools given for? The answer is pretty simple – experimenting. Actually, in online marketing experiments is the only tool, which can definitely tell you, how to find the right people for your products. The organisational tools, provided by Google, are created for these experiments. They are designed for you to launch different ad groups, to run various Adwords campaigns, to select different types of the keyword matches. When you launch all of these ads, campaigns and matching tools, you will be able to gather the statistics soon. It’s a key to your success in online advertising.

Remember these tips next time you launch something on Adwords. Organise your campaigns in a proper way, in order to get a proper statistics. They’ll tell you, how to search for the visitors you need.

If you simply don’t know the ways these tools work, – it’s time for learning then! Open the Google FAQs, related to Adwords, and get the necessary information for a better testing. And be sure, your next campaigns will bring much more results, if you listen to these advices.

Starting with the wrong end

Many users, who are new to Google Adwords, have a similar strategy for making the most common mistakes. As a result, it leads them to a failure, which looks like wasted money and time. As a rule, they start with the wrong end. What’s that and how should it be done on practice – read in this article.

The logic of the people, who just start an Adwords campaign, is simple. They create an attractive ad, gather the list of the keywords to target, set some time and geography limitations. After this, according to them, their campaign is ready to be launched, so they press a ‘Start’ button. As you can imagine, the results are sad.

The experienced internet marketers, who have already got their experience with Adwords, confirm, that it’s a wrong strategy. The most important thing, which an advertiser should pay attention to, is landing page. It’s the main source of his revenues.

The real ‘start’ must begin with a concept of your sales channel – what will happen, when a user visits your landing page? How should he react? What will attract or distract him? Only this questions should arise at the very beginning of your marketing.

Having answered them, you should move on. Focus on the users you wait for. Who are them? How can you reach them? What are they searching for on Google? Which keywords should you target? And so on.

And, finally, think of the ads you will create, in order to attract your users’ attention.