4 mistakes that may ruin your ads campaign

Many advertisers know this feeling: you do everything to make your campaign successful, but still have no positive results with it. It’s possible that you are doing something wrong. Maybe you make one of these mistakes that lead to a total running of your ads campaign.

1.Not enough specification

The conversion happens when a customer realises that you meet her requirements. So, advertising your ticket selling agency, you make a heading like ‘all tickets available’. Wrong!

It’s better to specify some particular matches that are available. Your customer wants to buy tickets for the next Barcelona’s play, but not for ‘any matches’.

2.Driving visitors to the home page

It’s a common mistake that can ruin your whole campaign. NEVER drive your users to the homepage of your website. Even if it’s a multifunctional one. Create a new landing page and optimise it in accordance with the traffic you buy (using keywords, special offers, etc).

3.Not using exact search queries in the heading

Sometimes advertisers forget that heading should contain the search query, used by a person. In this case, the ads will be relevant enough to be clicked. Otherwise, you get low CTR and poor Ad Quality score.

4.Not making a heading that sets expectations

Another ‘must have’ thing is setting an expectation with your heading. It increases your conversions rate because your user understands your offer. Besides, this approach filters out the users that may be not interested in your ads, saving your budget.