How to increase your CPC? (part 1)

There are many different factors, which influence on our website’s CPC (cost-per-click). Using them, we can increase the CPC of our platform and, at the same time, we are able to multiply our earnings. We are going to discuss some of the most famous methods, which can help us achieving the highest price for the click on our website.


The most significant factor, which influences our CPC, is relevant keywords. Our website advertising click cost is counted depending on the keywords our page (and the whole website) has. For example, some financial resource is going to get one certain CPC level, whilst some entertaining website – absolutely different, much lower one.

In order to get higher CPC, we need to pay attention to the keywords, represented on our website page. For example, you can easily find some high-paid phrases using Google Adwords Keyword Planner. After this you just need to implement them into your website content, which will increase the relevance of your page to some ‘expensive’ keywords.


The second factor, which influences a CPC value heavily, is geography. It’s a simple factor: if you launch a website for some top-tier country, like the USA, Canada, Great Britain or Japan, you get one level of costs for click in any niche. But if you target some poorer countries, like India, some African or East-European countries, you get definitely another CPC as well.

Of course, if your website is already created for Uganda, you can’t start launching some pages to create the Americans – it’s a strange behavior from the SEs point of view. Just don’t forget about this when you start a new website – it can bring you some different level of income.

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