Why is Quality score so important for your business? (Part 2)

All of the factors that influence your advertising campaign’s Quality score are calculated automatically. Google indexes your URL, scans your META and checks many other parameters. As the result, some score is given to your ads.

Google uses different algorithms and methods to calculate this parameter. Several years ago it was much easier to get the QS, equal to 7. The score of 6 and less was given to some really non-optimized projects. Today the situation has changed. The score of 5 is given to some ‘neutral’ websites, while 7 is not so easy to be achieved. As the studies show, it resulted in the higher impact of the Quality score on your advertising budget in comparison with 2013 and years before.

In order to save your money on advertising, you should do your best to get a higher Adwords Quality score. You can do this only by following Google’s recommendations on how to optimize your ads. And one of the best tools that will help you in this is Adwords Performance Grader. It’s a free service that analyzes 8 key metrics of your project, showing the percentage of its completion. If your ads meet Google’s requirements, the service shows 100%. If you do wrong, you get 0%. Changing your landing page, making some improvements allows getting a higher Quality score and a lower cost per click.

As a result, your business prospers, receiving new customers for a lower price!

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