Why is Quality score so important for your business? (Part 1)

If you use Google Adwords, you should probably have already faced the category of ‘Quality score’. What does it mean and why is it needed? Let’s learn more in this article!

The first thing you should know is that quality score influences your Adwords cost per click directly. The higher it is, the less you pay. This happens due to a specific formula that lets count your price per each click for your Adwords campaign. It looks like this: the ad rank of the advertiser, who is below you in the results, subdivided by the quality score you have, is added with $0.01. The result shows your cost per each click.

Let’s imagine that your maximum bid is equal to $2. The quality score of your ads is 10 (out of 10). In this case, your Ad rank is 2 multiplied by 10 (20). Now let’s count your cost per click. Let’s imagine that a person below you has an Ad rank equal to 18. Then your cost per click is equal to 18/10 + 0.01 = $1.81.

In order to decrease your cost per click, increasing your quality score, you should pay attention to two main categories: the relevance of your website and the user experience. The relevance includes the relevance of the keywords you use, of the ad you are going to launch and of the URL your project has. These 3 factors are highly important for your advertising campaign. User experience influences on how effective your website is for a user, how comfortable it is.

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