Why is your Ad rank so important?

Ad rank is one of the tools that allow Google Adwords to rank your ads in the search results. It determines the position your ads takes in the list. There is a bunch of factors that influence Ad rank. In this article, we would like to look through some of them.

The first thing that should be mentioned is: your Ad rank influences the position your advertisement has. The higher your rank is, the better position you take. As a result, the top position is the best one, because it brings you the majority of traffic. However, taking the first position in SERP isn’t that easy. You should mind all of the things that influence your Ad rank.

Your maximum bid is one of them. Each advertiser, launching the campaign, sets the maximum bid that is appropriate for him. The more you are ready to pay – the higher position your ads takes. So, raising the maximum bid allows you to get more visitors.

The quality of your ads matters too. It is indicated by the Quality score of your ads, another metric that shows how good your ads is. It depends on your headline and description; your URL relevancy, your landing page, etc. Making them more relevant increases your chances to have a higher Quality score. As a result, your Ad rank increases as well.

Google Adwords Ad rank is quite important for your campaign. It allows you to get more cost-effective traffic, which has a higher conversion rate for the lower price. Besides, Ad rank indicates, how high your ads is positioned.

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