Target specific locations to increase your sales

Running your online ads with Adwords may be tricky. You need to pay attention to each of details that may influence your conversions rates drastically. Let’s take, for example, the location. It’s the key element of any targeting. It defines the area, where the people, seeing your ads, come from.

In many cases, advertisers target on the country or the city they need to sell their products and services in. However, your location targeting should be even tighter. Let’s look at the example of what we are talking about.

Imagine that you sell some gardening equipment. How do you think, the people from rural areas or those, who come from the city, will buy more stuff you sell? Looks like that people from villages are more interested in your services. That’s why you are going to have more conversions. That’s the way you should use location. Target even tighter than you used to.

Google Adwords allows setting your targeting, using some ‘most specific location’ filter. For doing this successfully, you should know which location will be more profitable for sure. Testing different filters will show you the answer.

So, just create your campaign, launch it with a different set of location filters and let it work for some time (depending on your budget size and scale). Later you’ll get a report, showing you the actual conversions rate of each of the regions and their profitability, as a result. Now you’ll be able to predict, which user will be potentially more profitable for your product.

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