How to increase your CPC? (part 2)

Except of the keywords (niche of the website) and its geography, there are some other factors, which influence our website CPC much. Taking some simple steps, described in this article can increase your revenue. Find out more about this.

Ads categories

There are different categories of ads, which are shown on your website in Adsense. Naturally, each of them brings you some different amount of money. There is a special page, which shows you the revenue, brought to you by the ads of each category, in your Google Adsense account.

You can block the categories, which bring you the less amount of revenue in order to show more profitable ones more often. Consequently, it will affect your general income positively.

Target the device of the user

Most of your website visitors will be definitely using laptop or a personal computer. However, there is some percentage of hosts, who use some mobile interface (like a tablet or a smartphone). If you optimize your Adsense advertising for their screens, you will get some additional profits. Mobile ads’ cost can be even higher than the regular one if it concerns any special mobile offers. Don’t miss your opportunity to earn with their help.

The format of ads

One more tip on how to improve your CPC is experimenting with text & banner ads format.

As you know, Google Adsense has different ads formats in its arsenal. It can be either graphical banner (image or a flash animation) or a simple text (containing header and description below). If you enable the differentiation of the types of an ads, you can win some more earnings as well, as the system will choose its type for a higher CPC automatically.

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