Deciding the value of maximum bid price for Adwords

We’ve already told about the maximum CPC value in the previous article. We had described, what does this term mean and what is this tool used for. We’ve got to know, that this tool is widely used for limiting your expenses on the ads campaign. Thus, it lets limit your advertising budget and plan it more wisely.

However, if you are just creating the ads campaign, you don’t really know the value of maximum bid you’d like to set. So you’d like to know this price, set by your competitors, in order to aim their rankings in ads results. You can get this information with the help of several tools. All of them are developed by Google.

  1. Bid Simulator. The most useful service for you maximum bid research is a Bid Simulator by Google Adwords. It’s a service, which predicts the number of visitors for your website, according to the price of each click you get. This tool will show you, how many impressions will be done if you set the maximum bid to X,XX dollars. This approach could help you to predict your ads budget.
  2. Keyword Planner is another useful tool if you are launching your Adwords campaign. It helps discovering the amount of visitors for your website, using the keywords you found. Besides, it allows you to get the estimated expenses for this ads campaign.
  3. First-page bid estimates – the third service that we’d like you to use in your Adwords campaign. It shows, how much putting your website on the first positions of Google search will cost for you. It’s a perfect tool for those, who needs top positions for their ads in some niche keywords.

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