Google Adwords Ad Rank and its factors


Each Adwords publisher has probably faced ‘Ad Rank’ term. It’s a category, which influences your ads positioning much. This article concerns more detailed description of this category. So, let’s get to know: what is an Ad Rank and what is it used for.

So, this term is really used in Adwords system to show the position a certain ads takes in the search results. It defines whether your ads will be placed on the first position, the second one etc. So we could generally define an Ad Rank as a combination of different characteristics. They define, whether your ads can be placed on the top positions or not. They are listed below:

  1. Your bid – it’s the defining characteristic of the position, taken by your ads. The system needs to know, how much you are able to pay for your advertising to be shown. If your maximum bid value is less than your competitors’, than your sponsored information will be shown less (and your ads Ad Rank will be less as well).
  2. Ad quality is the second characteristic. It shows, how relevant is your ads for content of the page it is shown on. It is presented as a quality of your ads. The higher is the quality of your advert, the higher chances are for its placing to the first position.
  3. Conversion probability is a chance for a user to be converted. Google gives a prediction for the user to complete your offer, make a purchase and so on.

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