How to use Google Keyword Planner

Google is the only service, which has a data of the frequency of searching for different phrases by people. If you are going to start your Adwords campaign, it’s necessary to know definitely, how many queries per month are made in some particular region. So, we’ll use Google Keyword Planner, in order to get this information.

If you think, that some SEO-skills for such kind of job are needed, you are wrong. It’s easy, and all you need is some analytical mindset and logic.

So, searching for the words we need, start looking at the density of queries with the given words. They show you a number of visitors, who could potentially visit your ads.

Another important sign is the competitiveness level of the keyword. This row shows, whether your word or phrase is so competitive among the other websites, or not.

Your main aim is finding a popular (high-demanded) keyword, which would be able to bring you as more visitors, as possible. From the other side, we are looking for the word, which will show us the low level of competition. It means, that promoting your website

There are a lot of other factors, that you should pay attention to. The region, the sense of the phrase or the word, the price for click, given to you by Google, etc. We’ll talk about them in some next articles.

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