Getting cheap clicks – a slow decreasing the price

Google Adwords uses an auction-based principle for providing its clients with clicks. It means, that if you pay more – you get more. Your ad gets the first places in SERP and, as a result, you waste too much money for. In this article we’d like to tell you the way you can save some money on your Adwords campaign with minimum efforts.

First of all, let’s describe the way you start your ads campaign. You set the keyword, the title and description for your ads; you provide the system with the URL of your website, set some additional options (like the time of the day when your ads will be shown, its frequency and so on). After this your time to make bids comes. How much should you bid?

The experts claim that it’s a good idea to bid the recommended price from the very beginning. It will allow you putting your ads on the first places in SERP. However, you should make sure in this, looking the search page by yourself.

The next step is decreasing the price. You should do it slowly, checking the position of your ads each time you make any changes. For example, if your ‘top’ position costs $3, you should set $2.8, $2.7, $2.6 and so on each small period of time. Of course, you should check, if your ads is still there.

Finally, when you see how it has gone, you should stop decreasing the click price – it’s the minimum price you can pay for.


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