Factors, influencing your CPC

Running your Adwords campaign, you should pay attention to your cost-per-click – actually, the price, that is paid by you for each ads click you receive. For controlling it, you should also know the factors, which influence your CPC. In this article we’d like to describe them, in order to prepare you for the successful campaign launch.

1.Competitivness. It’s the most influentual factor, which sets the price for your ads clicks. It’s also an obvious one: you should know, that some financial, legal or medical niches are more expensive to advertise, than, let’s say, the ‘free downloads’ one.

2.Ranking of your ads is another factor, which you should worry about. Being placed on the first position costs more, than displaying on the last one.

3.CTR (a click-through-rate) is a value, that shows the effectiveness of your ads. The higher it is – the more attractive your ads is for user. So, you should do your best to get it as higher as possible.

4.Quality score is a summarized value of CTR, ad relevance and the relevancy of your landing page. It’s calculated by Google in order to rank your ads and the ads of your competitors.

5.Advertising history. There are no any documented facts, but some people, who have a great experience with Adwords claim that your average cost per click depends on the age of your advertising account and on your previous campaigns.

Surely, there are some other factors, like your traffic settings,different user filters, etc. All of them influence the price you pay for the clicks as well.

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