4 ways to pay less per click

In the previous article we’ve already posted the list of the factors, which influence your Adwords cost-per-click. In this post we’d like to list some advices on how to decrease your CPC and, by the way, how to pay less for your advertising with Google.

1.Keep your eyes on a ‘Quality score’. It’s a value, which shows the level of relevancy between your landing page and the keywords you set in your campaign. The higher your Quality score is – the less you pay. That’s why it’s better for you to customize your landing page, adding some relevant keywords on it.

2.Create two ads in each ad group, in order to test them. Testing is everything, when we are talking about advertising. That’s why people, who are familiar with Adwords and the principles of its work, assure, that two ads are necessary, if you want to detect the one, which is more successful. Besides, such a technique leads to improving your CTR. It automatically decreases the price you pay for the clicks.

3.Lower your maxbids. There is even such a strategy, which is based on lowering the maxbid and watching your ads ranking position. If your ads is still present in the SERP, you can lower the maximum price you are ready to pay for the click.

4.Avoid competition among your ads. It may happen, when you run two same ads with long tail keywords and a short tail one. They may be shown over each other. So, check all of your ads and add negative keywords, if needed.

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