Starting with the wrong end

Many users, who are new to Google Adwords, have a similar strategy for making the most common mistakes. As a result, it leads them to a failure, which looks like wasted money and time. As a rule, they start with the wrong end. What’s that and how should it be done on practice – read in this article.

The logic of the people, who just start an Adwords campaign, is simple. They create an attractive ad, gather the list of the keywords to target, set some time and geography limitations. After this, according to them, their campaign is ready to be launched, so they press a ‘Start’ button. As you can imagine, the results are sad.

The experienced internet marketers, who have already got their experience with Adwords, confirm, that it’s a wrong strategy. The most important thing, which an advertiser should pay attention to, is landing page. It’s the main source of his revenues.

The real ‘start’ must begin with a concept of your sales channel – what will happen, when a user visits your landing page? How should he react? What will attract or distract him? Only this questions should arise at the very beginning of your marketing.

Having answered them, you should move on. Focus on the users you wait for. Who are them? How can you reach them? What are they searching for on Google? Which keywords should you target? And so on.

And, finally, think of the ads you will create, in order to attract your users’ attention.

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