Is Adwords Good for Your Product?

Some professional online marketers claim, that not all of the products can be advertised via Google Adwords. This can be a good explanation for your previous failed campaigns, doesn’t it? As a practice shows, it’s not an irony – some of the products really perform on the other advertising platforms better. Let’s talk about this more in today’s article.

First of all, we should define the main specification of the Adwords advertising. Right, it’s a contextual one, which is presented with the text links or a banner. You can choose either showing your ads on in Google search results, or on some partner’s websites, depending on what is the type of product you promote. So, it seems universal, right? You have a choice of how to display your product. But testing of different ad formats can still result in a failure. So what’s the reason?

Did you notice, that some entertaining content, which may be viral on the social media, is not presented in Adwords? What does it mean?

If there is a social media-oriented kind of materials, which is not promoted on Adwords, it should also probably be some other similar category of products.

Think about it well. Does your customer searches for the services you offer on Google? Or is it better to try some other advertising platforms? Maybe, it’s not your mistake – it’s just the specifics of your product. In this case the best solution you can use is moving to another advertising format and testing again.

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