How Adwords chooses the ads to show?

As you know, Google Adwords is one of the largest online advertising platforms, which allows everyone to launch his ad campaign to show the ads he needs. It’s pretty simple-to-use and has a lot of benefits, what makes it really one of the most effective tools as well. The benefits of this service make it one of the most popular one for publishers. This fact guarantees that there will be some other people, who’d like to show their ad using same search keywords, as you. How do you think, which criteria Google Adwords will use for the definition of your advert’s position and your competitors’ ones? Ad Rank – here is the answer!

Ad Rank is a complex indicator, which is given to each ad in the system. It is based on several factors, maximum CPC, set by the publisher, is one of them. That is the amount of money, which can be spent by a user (maximally).

Another factor, which influences the Ad Rand of an ad, is its relevance and quality. Google Adwords scans the title of your ad, its description and the content of a website, which the ad is linked to. As a result, the system gives some relevance rank to your ad.

One more interesting function of Adwords is the prediction of leads generating. It shows the probability of your ad to bring the lead, depending on the user behavior. If this probability is higher, than your competitors’ ad has, your advertising link will be higher-positioned.

All of the described above factors let the system to define, how highly your ad will be positioned in the search results and, consequently, how many visitors you will get.