Automatic targeting in Adwords

Google Adwords offers a lot of tools for launching successful campaigns on the web and attracting more new customers. One of such useful tools is automatic targeting. It obviously exists for targeting some new keywords without your control. What is it needed for and how can you use automatic targeting for your business? Let’s find out more about this!

First of all, automatic targeting has two different types: aggressive and conservative. They use different approaches for finding new niches and markets, to deliver your ads to a new audience. Aggressive targeting is used to reach a broader circle of your potential customers. If your main keyword is ‘pen’, aggressive targeting will show your ads to people, searching ‘whiteboards’ and ‘desks’. Obviously, if you run an online shop with all of these goods, this approach will be much preferable, than the conservative one.

Talking about this type of automatic targeting, we can say that it reaches the much narrower audience. For example, it may be targeted to people, who search ‘blue pen’ or ‘the Parker pen’. If you are specialized in this niche, you won’t be selling desks and whiteboards. That’s why this strategy is better for a business in the narrower niche.

Anyway, automatic targeting is precious for people, who run their campaigns in Adsense. Using this tool, you can expand the circle of your audience, get new customers and engage new people, who may be interested in your products. However, automatic targeting may be risky if the system will pick the irrelevant category. In order to avoid it, use the lists of the negative words.