Factors, influencing your CPC

Running your Adwords campaign, you should pay attention to your cost-per-click – actually, the price, that is paid by you for each ads click you receive. For controlling it, you should also know the factors, which influence your CPC. In this article we’d like to describe them, in order to prepare you for the successful campaign launch.

1.Competitivness. It’s the most influentual factor, which sets the price for your ads clicks. It’s also an obvious one: you should know, that some financial, legal or medical niches are more expensive to advertise, than, let’s say, the ‘free downloads’ one.

2.Ranking of your ads is another factor, which you should worry about. Being placed on the first position costs more, than displaying on the last one.

3.CTR (a click-through-rate) is a value, that shows the effectiveness of your ads. The higher it is – the more attractive your ads is for user. So, you should do your best to get it as higher as possible.

4.Quality score is a summarized value of CTR, ad relevance and the relevancy of your landing page. It’s calculated by Google in order to rank your ads and the ads of your competitors.

5.Advertising history. There are no any documented facts, but some people, who have a great experience with Adwords claim that your average cost per click depends on the age of your advertising account and on your previous campaigns.

Surely, there are some other factors, like your traffic settings,different user filters, etc. All of them influence the price you pay for the clicks as well.

How to create good landing pages for your PPC campaign?

Creating a good landing page for your particular offer can cost either time or money. If you are new to LP creating, you will definitely lose your first money, because of the low level of your page optimization and several common mistakes. In this article we are going to discuss three the most typical ways, you should use in order to get as many leads, as it’s possible. So, let’s start.

1.Make your landing page as ‘narrow’, as you can

Any landing page has some certain function, plays some certain role in your business. It’s better for you to launch the LP, which provides your customer with some narrow subject information, which he is interested in. In other cases, if you describe too much info about your business, the customer will be get lost in this chaos.

2.Test your page

When you do the PPC campaign, practising is your main tool, aimed at the high profits. If you don’t do tests enough, you won’t notice the real reaction of your visitor to your page. As a result, you can miss some important signs, highlighting the real success of your page.

3.Experiment with the type of content

Creating your landing page, you can paste any type of content on it. It can be either plain text with attractive font, or a video, inserted from YouTube. You can try different approaches and measure the conversion of each of them.

The kinds of CPC values in Adwords

There are different kinds of CPC values in your Adwords account. Each of them has a different meaning and purpose. That’s why it’s better for you know, what they are used for and how.

So, as a publisher in Google Adwords system, you have already faced with maximum CPC value. It’s a pretty simple indicator, which shows us the limit of expenses for an ad, set by an advertiser (by ourselves). It shows us the maximum amount of money we are ready to spend for a click. It’s also a useful tool if you’d like to manage your ad campaign wisely and set, for example, the probably maximum value of one possible customer.

But the reality is that you won’t get all of the clicks for the maximum bid. It’s more likely for you to get each visitor for a smaller price, that’s why you’ll save some part of your ad budget for sure. Here is where the actual CPC value comes. It’s used to estimate, what was the actual average price for each customer that visited your website. If you also know your average CTR (click-through-rate of the ad), you can count the real profit, earned with each advertisement block you have.

Contextual advertising specialists advise to control either a maximum CPC on each of your ads, or an average CPC on all of them. These parameters can really show you, whether you gain or lose your money with a certain campaign.

Adwords tips for a successful campaign

The launching of an advertising campaign in your Adwords account for your company, product or service can be the real art. It needs some creative, but smart and responsible approach, that will define, whether your campaign will be successful or not.

In this article we’d like to give you some simple, but powerful tips on how to make your Adwords campaign really successful and how not to spend your budget in vain. So, get ready to note them.

  1. Tracking is your friend.

In order to get some good results, you should track everything, your users do. Google Analytics can help you with this. Watch, how your users act themselves, where do they come from, which search phrases they use etc. You should pay attention to each detail in your statistics, because, actually, all of them are highly important for your business. With the help of tracking you can define, which strategy is effective, and which one is not.

  1. SEO + PPC = perfect solution

Adwords, as a clear PPC solution, can be combined with the SEO as well. In the result, such a pair can bring you to the extremely successful results: each visitor will be yours, because he will click either your ads, or your website URL in the search results by Google.

  1. Landing page design

It’s the whole another topic for discussion, but your landing page plays extremely important role. It defines, whether your visitor will make a purchase or not. Pay attention to Google quality score, look at Google Analytics results, experiment, etc. Even the color combination plays a huge role here!

What is CTR needed for?

Along with CPC, there is also another parameter, which is called CTR. What it is used for and which role it plays in your advertising campaign, will be discussed in this article.

So, CTR is a click-through-rate is an indicator for the ratio of people, who visited your page and of visitors, who’ve made a click on the ads. It shows how clickable advert on your page is. CTR is measured in percents.

Let’s take a simple example to show you, how it works. Let’s imagine, that our website was visited by 100 of people.  2 of them clicked on an ad, placed in the header. It means that your website CTR is equal to 2%.

Actually, 2% CTR on practice seems to be pretty high. It shows either high relevance of an ad to the content of your website or some manipulations with ad and traffic, made by a webmaster. Some of them are not prohibited by rules (like placing an advertising, which ideally suits your website design). Another example of manipulations is fraud clicks. They are detected easily (your Adsense account will be suspended if they were).

You should also pay attention to different ads CTRs. The practice shows, that 3 similar adverts can have different ratio. The reason for this is pretty simple: you should change the position of an ads with the lowest CTR.

Another tip is in the quantity of ads. If you need higher CTR, you should put just 1 or 2 ads on the page. If you’ve got more ad blocks on the same page, they get more impressions with the same amount of clicks, which brings the lower CTR.

Google Adwords Ad Rank and its factors


Each Adwords publisher has probably faced ‘Ad Rank’ term. It’s a category, which influences your ads positioning much. This article concerns more detailed description of this category. So, let’s get to know: what is an Ad Rank and what is it used for.

So, this term is really used in Adwords system to show the position a certain ads takes in the search results. It defines whether your ads will be placed on the first position, the second one etc. So we could generally define an Ad Rank as a combination of different characteristics. They define, whether your ads can be placed on the top positions or not. They are listed below:

  1. Your bid – it’s the defining characteristic of the position, taken by your ads. The system needs to know, how much you are able to pay for your advertising to be shown. If your maximum bid value is less than your competitors’, than your sponsored information will be shown less (and your ads Ad Rank will be less as well).
  2. Ad quality is the second characteristic. It shows, how relevant is your ads for content of the page it is shown on. It is presented as a quality of your ads. The higher is the quality of your advert, the higher chances are for its placing to the first position.
  3. Conversion probability is a chance for a user to be converted. Google gives a prediction for the user to complete your offer, make a purchase and so on.

How to increase your CPC? (part 2)

Except of the keywords (niche of the website) and its geography, there are some other factors, which influence our website CPC much. Taking some simple steps, described in this article can increase your revenue. Find out more about this.

Ads categories

There are different categories of ads, which are shown on your website in Adsense. Naturally, each of them brings you some different amount of money. There is a special page, which shows you the revenue, brought to you by the ads of each category, in your Google Adsense account.

You can block the categories, which bring you the less amount of revenue in order to show more profitable ones more often. Consequently, it will affect your general income positively.

Target the device of the user

Most of your website visitors will be definitely using laptop or a personal computer. However, there is some percentage of hosts, who use some mobile interface (like a tablet or a smartphone). If you optimize your Adsense advertising for their screens, you will get some additional profits. Mobile ads’ cost can be even higher than the regular one if it concerns any special mobile offers. Don’t miss your opportunity to earn with their help.

The format of ads

One more tip on how to improve your CPC is experimenting with text & banner ads format.

As you know, Google Adsense has different ads formats in its arsenal. It can be either graphical banner (image or a flash animation) or a simple text (containing header and description below). If you enable the differentiation of the types of an ads, you can win some more earnings as well, as the system will choose its type for a higher CPC automatically.

Deciding the value of maximum bid price for Adwords

We’ve already told about the maximum CPC value in the previous article. We had described, what does this term mean and what is this tool used for. We’ve got to know, that this tool is widely used for limiting your expenses on the ads campaign. Thus, it lets limit your advertising budget and plan it more wisely.

However, if you are just creating the ads campaign, you don’t really know the value of maximum bid you’d like to set. So you’d like to know this price, set by your competitors, in order to aim their rankings in ads results. You can get this information with the help of several tools. All of them are developed by Google.

  1. Bid Simulator. The most useful service for you maximum bid research is a Bid Simulator by Google Adwords. It’s a service, which predicts the number of visitors for your website, according to the price of each click you get. This tool will show you, how many impressions will be done if you set the maximum bid to X,XX dollars. This approach could help you to predict your ads budget.
  2. Keyword Planner is another useful tool if you are launching your Adwords campaign. It helps discovering the amount of visitors for your website, using the keywords you found. Besides, it allows you to get the estimated expenses for this ads campaign.
  3. First-page bid estimates – the third service that we’d like you to use in your Adwords campaign. It shows, how much putting your website on the first positions of Google search will cost for you. It’s a perfect tool for those, who needs top positions for their ads in some niche keywords.

How to increase your CPC? (part 1)

There are many different factors, which influence on our website’s CPC (cost-per-click). Using them, we can increase the CPC of our platform and, at the same time, we are able to multiply our earnings. We are going to discuss some of the most famous methods, which can help us achieving the highest price for the click on our website.


The most significant factor, which influences our CPC, is relevant keywords. Our website advertising click cost is counted depending on the keywords our page (and the whole website) has. For example, some financial resource is going to get one certain CPC level, whilst some entertaining website – absolutely different, much lower one.

In order to get higher CPC, we need to pay attention to the keywords, represented on our website page. For example, you can easily find some high-paid phrases using Google Adwords Keyword Planner. After this you just need to implement them into your website content, which will increase the relevance of your page to some ‘expensive’ keywords.


The second factor, which influences a CPC value heavily, is geography. It’s a simple factor: if you launch a website for some top-tier country, like the USA, Canada, Great Britain or Japan, you get one level of costs for click in any niche. But if you target some poorer countries, like India, some African or East-European countries, you get definitely another CPC as well.

Of course, if your website is already created for Uganda, you can’t start launching some pages to create the Americans – it’s a strange behavior from the SEs point of view. Just don’t forget about this when you start a new website – it can bring you some different level of income.

Manual CPC bidding for Google advertisers

Google Adwords – a Google Service, which allows advertisers to rule their ads campaigns and control their expenses, works in an auction mode. It means, that the system controls, which ads will be shown more often, depending on the bid value, made by an advertiser.

For example, we’ve got two different ads from two companies. The first company is ready to pay 1$ for one click (that’s their ads CPC); when the second one is ready to spend 2$ for one visitor. It’s obvious, that the system will show the second one more often due to its higher bid.

Simple logic says that each advertiser needs a maximum bid-value, so that he could limit his expenses on this campaign. Google Adwords has such a tool, which is called ‘maximum bid amount’.

It works simply: you just set the amount of money you are ready to pay for one click. The system will limit your spends on this level, so that you won’t lose more, than you can afford!

In most cases, you’ll even pay less than the maximum bid value, because your ads can be shown on some less-relevant resources. Another example, – you ads will be presented on some position, other than the first. It automatically decreases the price of one click for an advertiser.

Manual CPC bidding is an extremely important tool and Adwords clients use it often.  Count your own maximum affordable click cost and set it as a maximum bid for your campaign.