Make a Choice: Direct Response Advertising vs Branding

In order to make your Google Adwords advertising campaign successful, there are two main approaches, which you should choose from. It’s a branding or a direct response advertising. In this article we’d like to compare them both and to find out, what characterizes each one of them.

So, let’s start with branding. It’s a simple promoting the brand of your company, in order to make it more familiar and more popular among the customers. Branding technique is quite different from the DRA. It makes an accent on the number of people, seeing your brand. That’s why Google Adwords has such a value, as ‘Impressions’. It indicates, how many times users have seen your ads. No need to say, that branding is better for the products and companies, which are aimed on the long-term goals. The number of conversions from this ads play a second role.

Another strategy, which is used by the business, in order to promote products and services, is the direct response advertising (or simply the ‘DRA’). It uses other instruments, than the branding does. Actually, it has also another aim – not to show your branding name to the people, but to sell something. Of course, the ways to control these actions are different as well. For the DRA Adwords has such metricks, as conversions. They track the number of orders/signups/sells, which is gained with the particular campaign.

A choice of the strategy to use depends on the aim you have, running the campaign.