Google Adwords + Google Maps = ?

Google always changes something in its ads policy. One of the latest changes related to the combination of Google Maps and Google Adwords. Both of these services were mixed and Google announced that its ads will be presented in Maps. It will obviously result in more ads on Google services and on more tools for business to attract new customers. But what is so significant in combining these platforms?

The actual result of this combination is not that unexpected. Now users, who search something in Google Maps, will be able to see the logos of different shops and services on the map. By clicking on the logo, a user will open the tab with a promo information from the shop. For example, it will be presented with some discounts and special offers; some landing pages, etc.

It’s obvious that Google sees the potential of implementing ads into their map service. And Google is right: according to their statistics, about 30% of all mobile searches are location-related ones. Many people search some places and routes every day with their smartphones and tablets. Second, location-related searches become faster each year. People used to work with their devices and discovered how comfortable it is.

Implementing ads into Google Maps, the searching monopolist is going to connect local businesses and active mobile users. It provides users with choice and information about the local business around them. As a result, it may create a new advertising industry with billions of dollars in it.