Customise your Adwords headings to increase your conversions

Adwords regularly gives its advice on how to make your headings better. So, this sort of recommendations, like how to increase your CPC or how to make your heading more attractive are quite familiar to you. In spite of this, we’d like to share this set of rules. We are sure, you are going to like it.

1.Simple & actionable rules.

Your heading must be simple. You shouldn’t make things too complicated if you want anyone to click your link. It may be even short and informative heading for your visitor. It must also include a keyword you are targeting on.

2.The heading must be same as a page.

It’s obvious, but many still ignore this rule: if your visitor clicks your heading, he wants to see the same information inside. If he clicks “buy used cars Carolina”, it means that he wants to see the prices of the used cars in Carolina.

Professionals even recommend putting into your ads heading the same words and phrases, used on your page.

3.Be local.

A lot of business struggle to get a customer. The only chance for the majority of them is becoming a local. You can’t compete with Walmart, but you can run your small store for the neighbouring houses successfully. The same things relate to many other spheres.

4.Maybe some question?

It’s a proven fact, that questions result in curiosity. Asking users a question, you make them curious about something. Make a good enough question to deliver a user to your landing page. And your business will grow!

5.Specific-to-be-fake numbers

Which statement looks like true more: “I won $10,000” or “I won $13,381”. You see, the specific numbers work!