Choosing the keywords match type

If you’ve ever used Google Adwords, you should probably know about the matching tool.  It’s a mechanism for matching the keywords, set by a user. It determines the way the service will match the KWs, and it has three types: broad, exact and a phrase. In this article we’ll tell more about each of them.

1.Broad match

This type of match is the least exact one, but, at the same time, it allows getting the highest amount of traffic. Let’s bring the example: if you type “used cars” in broad match type, it can find the most irrelevant queries, like “who used cars?”, “when used cars?”, “get used cars”, “buy used cars” and so on.

2.Phrase match

This kind of match is a much more narrow one. It looks for the similar phrases, which can broaden the number of visitors. For example, it can offer you “buy used cars” or “sell used cars” as the most relevant keywords.

3.Exact match

The third type of match, according to its name, aims the exact keyword you set. Its specification is in the following: this type of match can bring you the smallest number of visitors, but they will be the most relevant ones.

If you are justing your Adwords campaign, you should definitely start with an exact match type. If will allow you saving some money on your campaign and preventing you from your whole budget loss. If the number of clicks is too small – you can use “Phrase match” and so on.