The role of the negative keywords in Adwords campaign

Do you use negative keywords, which are offered by Adwords in your account? This is an incredibly useful tool, especially if you use ‘Phrase match’ and ‘Broad match’ for your ads campaign. Let’s find out more about this in the article.

1.Negative reviews

Any company can have some negative queries, for example “why YourBrand sucks?”. Targeting these keywords is silly – you won’t get an order from this visitor. He is obviously angry or he just heard some negative reviews about your company, so he will hardly buy anything from you. That’s why we need not to show our ads when such a query is made. So, we add “sucks” into our negative words list.

The same approach can be used with any kind of negative word, characterizing your brand or product. It’s a simple way to filter the people, who are not interested in a purchase, away.

2.Specific phrase/product

Let’s imagine, that your shop sells Ford cars, but it doesn’t offer the accessories for them. If you don’t want your visitors to search for the phrases like “ford parts” and so on, you should add such specific keywords to your ‘Negative words’ list. It’s ‘parts’ in our case.

Of course, these are the simple examples of the words you need to filter from. They may be much more numerous, if you think well and do some good keyword research. For example, the name of locations or some specifications of the product, or just the words ‘reviews’ (for the shop) may be included in this list as well.