How to waste your money on PPC?

If you are new to PPC advertising, we strongly recommend you to learn more about the most common strategies, used in this field. In another case it can bring you to some amount of money wasted.

Here we’d like to bring some examples of the most typical way to loose your PPC budget without any results.

1.Bring your visitors to the main/contact page

The most popular mistake, which can absolutely ruin your advertisement campaign, is bringing your visitors to the wrong page. The homepage of your website, either as the contact page with the blank fields, that should be filled by your user, are not the best solution to bring your visitor to. The only best strategy is your optimized landing page promotion.

2.The absence of testing your ads

There is no perfect ads. Either as there is no chance, that you’ll find your perfect ads from the first try. Professional marketers use thousands of different variants of ads, in order to find a couple of those, which have the highest conversion rate. Testing your ads is required, if you want your campaign to be successful

3.Setting broad keyword match

If you target your ads campaign on some set of the keywords, you should always remember, that they must be as narrow, as possible. Targeting broad match will result in wasting a lot of money because your advertising will be shown even on irrelevant pages. That means, such kind of users won’t bring any profit to you.