Types of targeting in Google Adwords

Targeting is a powerful tool, the basis of the whole Google Adwords advertising network. It allows us displaying the ads with our products to the people, who are interested in this. It is the main difference, actually, in the chaotic SPAM and the legal advertising we are talking about. The shown ads may be interesting to a visitor.

There are 4 types of targeting, which are present in Google Adwords. Each of them can be used with a higher effectiveness, if you know, who is your perfect customer. Let’s talk more about them.

1.Demographic targeting

It’s obvious, that this type of the targeting uses some demographic data of your customers. You can choose the age of the people, who see your ads; their gender, etc. It allows you to select those, whom you are interested in easily.

2.Contextual targeting

Another targeting type in Adwords is the context. It is used when you need to place the ads on some similar website, or in the searching results, close to your product’s topic. For example, it is used for promoting car paint on the automobile painting forums and blogs.

3.Audience targeting

The interests of people, who can be your potential buyers, matters as well. Using an audience targeting helps you search for people, who have similar interests, which may include your product. The interests are being tracked by Google, using the history of user’s visits.

4.Placement targeting

Finally, the last type of targeting is a placement one. It allows choosing the platform, where you’d like to see your ads. Setting the certain website is useful for placing the ads on your competitors’ resources.